Victor's Portfolio

I'm Victor, a UI/UX Designer based in Tangerang, Indonesia

Sycomora Welfare Center

Sycomora is an Indonesia-based Startup that provides Healthcare content, blogs and news post. The central vision is to educate people about their Health.

Based on the user's feedback, we incorporated it into our design wireframing, built using VueJS and deployed using Vercel. Visit Sycomora Website for the end results.

Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia Dunia (PPI Dunia)

Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia Dunia (PPI Dunia / OISAA) is an Indonesian student organisation that has more than 60+ countries branch in its organisation. The Leading Indonesian Student Organization in the world.

Build based on previous website design, re-engineer it and update the design into a modern yet minimalistic design to achieve the whole rebranding. Build using Oxygen Builder for WordPress; visit PPI Dunia Website to see more.

Video Editor / Cinematographer

Self Project

These are a few of my projects, with Experiences as Cinematographer and Video Editor and managing YouTube Channel and Podcast Editor.

Got Questions?

If you have inquiries or have questions about my past works, visit or send me an email with the links down below ;).

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